Cornerstone Gardens

The Garden Project

Phase 1

The keystone of this unique program will be to create job opportunities for individuals and develop a day program which meets the needs their families envision for them.  In designing a public garden, visitors will be allowed to explore, enjoy, and learn about their environment, its sustainability, and nature‚Äôs beauty through horticulture. Professionals, including employees with special needs, will work at the gardens. All structured activities for those with Autism and related disorders will be supervised by full-time staff members and trained volunteers. We plan to offer a variety of programs for the all members of the community, regardless of age or ability. Many of the activities will be open-ended and enjoyed on a walk-in basis.


*To secure property for the garden and begin the process of establishing a public garden.

*To hire a Managing Director, Master Gardener, Program Director, Clinical Director and establish an Adult Day Program for those with Autism and related disorders.

*To establish funding sources through both public and private sector grants, and sustainable programs at the garden.